The New Bike {2 Years Old}

I’m going to take a break from the ol’ Habits to write a quick post about Gabe’s birthday.  His actual birthday is Wednesday but we celebrated on Sunday with a little party (more about that at a later date), and we gave him his big present–a brand spankin’ new [only cuz I couldn’t find a used one at the consignment shop] Radio Flyer tricycle!  When Daddy brought it downstairs, Gabe was so quiet–as if he couldn’t believe it was a bike all his own.  They have the exact same bike(s) at daycare, but of course, they don’t get to play with them every day, they are fenced in, and they have to share.  To have your own: well, now that’s something 😉

I’m going to try not to be Nostalgic Mom tonight, but I will say that it’s hard to believe Gabriel will be 2 in 2 days.  And that I wrote this blog 2 years ago today!  Wow, I’ve been blogging for over 2 years.  And though I’ve gone long stretches without writing, I don’t think I’ve missed a month yet.  So I’ve committed to at least partially chronicling (sp?) our lives.  The photo books help too–one method with words and a few pics (here); the other with many pics but few words (photobook).

Back to the bike–Gabe and I went outside immediately, because I knew he’d want to take it for a spin (and by spin I mean his feet push off the ground, instead of pedaling… that will come I suppose).  Yesterday was warm, unseasonably warm, so it was already 60-something by 8 AM when we went out.  So I let him wear shorts and the fleece sweatshirt he likes much more than his coat.  We went up and down the neighborhood, with Baby Kitty following.  She meow-ed her little butt off as we got further and further away.  I tried to use that to convince Gabe we should turn around and go back home, but he always wants to go further.  He’ll say “This way!” and by God, you better go whichever way is “this way.”  Somehow I got him home without a meltdown or a tantrum, and I managed to take some wonderful pics along the way:

I didn’t run this weekend.  I thought it better to take a break, walk alongside Gabe (though we did take a quick ride on my bike after pushing his all over for the 2nd walk of the day), and just pay attention to him.  He won’t be this small for too much longer.  I can’t believe how much he talks and understands.  I hope to get him potty-trained soon, but we’ll see how it goes 🙂  Mostly, I am just so thankful, and so proud of the little person he’s becoming.  I am grateful we are healthy, happy, and have everything we need.  I’m also grateful for all the love and support we get from our family and friends.  I had no idea that by saying “No gifts please” all my friends would completely ignore that and still bring Gabe gifts!  But that’s for another day… Goodnight!!

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