Bookworm + Habit 6 {Synergize–don’t you love that word?}

There’s nothing new to report here–just that January went by in the blink of an eye, and now we’re on to another month!  I’m itching to start that garden I told you about in the last post, but I figure I need to wait at least until March, right?  It’s been downright cold lately, but I guess NC does get all 4 seasons, so I should expect it.  I’m sure looking forward to spring though.  I think I’m turning into my mom even more–I just want to plant all sorts of things and see how they grow!

Speaking of which, I’ve been wanting to plant/start/create my own little terrarium for a really long time.  So this weekend, I did.  I followed the easy instructions here (altho I had a little confusion at Petco as to whether “activating carbon” was the same as “activating charcoal.”  I made the decision that yes, it’s the same.  Let’s hope!)  It’s nice and green and a wonderful pick-me-up in the dark, cold days of winter:

Terrarium materials: glass bowl, moss, plants, rocks, activated carbon

Terrarium materials: glass bowl, moss, plants, rocks, activated carbon

Terrarium final product :)

Terrarium final product 🙂  Before I added the panda, that is

Strangely, as I was filling the bowl first with the bigger rocks, then the small pieces of charcoal, I thought of Habit 3!  It was a nice reminder.

Poor panda has a busted ear... lost it in one of the moves

Poor panda has a busted ear… lost it in one of the moves

I need some green in my bleak winter days!

I need some green in my bleak winter days!

Besides my itch for warm weather & greenery, things indoors are good too.  Every evening, Gabe wants Elmo (aka Mommy gets to fast forward thru a recorded episode of Sesame Street, until Elmo appears.  Not very fun but he is more interested, and I think some things are start to click in that big, cute noggin of his!)  But after Elmo, and sometimes even during, Gabe wants to read.  And I love that he wants to read.  His “book of the week” is There’s a Wocket in my Pocket by Dr. Suess.  He calls it the Pocket book.  And the way he says Suess is adorable: “Soooooooose.”  Of course, I am biased, but the way he says almost everything is adorable.  “Elmo jammies” is my current favorite.  He even thinks the character in the Pocket book is wearing Elmo jammies too, and he gets all excited when we get to the “Bofa on the sofa” page.  Other fun (or annoying when repeated often) phrases: “I want some more may-ulk” (yup my kid is growing up in NC!) or he wants more juicy, more meat, more eggies, whatever.  He’s pretty picky, but very vocal about what he wants.  Also, “What’s that noise?” anytime he hears anything (yes, anything!) out of the ordinary.  I have to answer this question about 20 times a day.  Lastly, “It’s dark in here!” (self-explanatory).  Gabe’s little mind is like a sponge, so I try to fill it with the best stuff possible.  Here’s a look at his current faves–hence, the title Bookworm.

Gabriel's recommended reading

Gabriel’s recommended reading–and recommended snack! (Cheerios & Goldfish)

One more Gabriel tidbit: our nightly routine.  When Daddy has class (like tonight), I give Gabe a bath like always (though tonight we mixed it up with a shower–just faster and easier, and he loves taking a “showie”).  We got his Elmo jammies on–of course–and he worked on a puzzle that has shapes and numbers.  He’s really getting some of them easily, but others frustrate him.  Then we read books, usually “Counting Kisses” which is my fave–I get to give him kisses and hear him giggle about the yellow title page (no clue why it’s funny, but when I say “Yellow” he just cracks up!).  “Goodnight Moon” has been the book I’ve read to Gabe since he was about 4 months old.  I’ve long since memorized it, but G-man still loves it.  And I love reading to him, because I feel it’s so important.  We’ve gotten our hands on some Spanish books but we don’t read those nearly as much as we should.  After 2 to 7 books, we turn off the light and sit in the chair together.  (When we read now, he gets the chair and I get the floor–something that happened when he turned 2. I don’t understand it, but I’ll live.)  I ask him what songs he wants me to sing, and it’s always the same: Itsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, and Goodnight Baby, the latter being a song I made up for him as a baby.  I hadn’t sang it in month, then one day out of the blue, Gabe started singing it.  Now he wants to sing it every day.  That and the new fave, Elmo’s World.

Ok, we are almost through the 7 Habits lessons.  I still listen to the audio CD on the way to work.  It’s just awesome stuff.  Here’s Habit 6:

To put it simply, synergy means “two heads are better than one.” Synergize is the habit of creative cooperation. It is teamwork, open-mindedness, and the adventure of finding new solutions to old problems. But it doesn’t just happen on its own. It’s a process, and through that process, people bring all their personal experience and expertise to the table. Together, they can produce far better results that they could individually. Synergy lets us discover jointly things we are much less likely to discover by ourselves. It is the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. One plus one equals three, or six, or sixty–you name it.

When people begin to interact together genuinely, and they’re open to each other’s influence, they begin to gain new insight. The capability of inventing new approaches is increased exponentially because of differences.

Valuing differences is what really drives synergy. Do you truly value the mental, emotional, and psychological differences among people? Or do you wish everyone would just agree with you so you could all get along? Many people mistake uniformity for unity; sameness for oneness. One word–boring! Differences should be seen as strengths, not weaknesses. They add zest to life.

I love this habit, and I don’t have much to comment other than to wonder, what if everyone could be open to each other’s influence?  I’m guilty of it too–so often I just want to be right.  I argue and plead my case, not even considering the opposing or alternative viewpoints.  I try my hardest to be open-minded, but it’s difficult.  How ’bout this resolution for the week? Instead of arguing, try synergizing 🙂

A few more pics!  Have a fabulous week, friends!

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