Beach Body {No more cupcakes!}

If you haven’t noticed, fitness has always been important to me.  Running, swimming, biking, lifting weights, yoga, and a little dabbling in CrossFit are all activities that I very much enjoy each week.  I’ve toyed with the idea with becoming a personal trainer, but I’m not sure I’d make as much $ as I’d like.  But I still enjoy talking fitness & nutrition with friends, family, and co-workers, and I especially love watching these people reach their goals with a little support from me.

So after much deliberation, I decided to give Beachbody coaching a try.  Remember I did that 10-day challenge awhile back?  I probably wasn’t the best at describing how that went, but the biggest take-away was (and still is!) my love for the shakes, aka Shakeology.  Back in the summer time, I would add fruits and ice cubes and other fun ingredients (like peanut or almond butter), but now I just do it the plain ‘n’ simple way: cold water + scoop of chocolate Shakeology = energy to get thru the afternoon & increased immunity to illness.  No joke–I haven’t been sick (save for a bit of allergies and sinuses, that I’ve since kicked thanks to my Neti pot twice daily, and a tip from my Dr. of Pharm friend who said NasalCrom is the way to go–thanks KW, you were right!)

Anyways, I credit a lot to Shakeology–it just makes me feel good.  Do you ever have the mid-afternoon, or post-lunch, sleepies?  I used to… around 2-3 PM, I’d be dying to just go to my car and sleep.  Now I’m good to go.  I’ve been drinking the shakes since this post, so I finally figured, maybe I should share this with others?  Hence, the Beachbody coaching.  I’m still getting started, but I’m really excited about it!  So excited, in fact, that I’m willing to share some pics that I had Javi take of me just after the new year.  I teeter back and forth between being modest and slightly embarrassed, & being like “eh who cares? Not me!”  This is my new mini-obsession with yoga.  Here goes:

A far cry from 2 years ago… This is me 4 months post-Gabriel:

Tybee Turtle TrotYikes… I sort of cringe to share that last pic, but it’s a good representation of my “before”–we all have highs and lows in our fitness.  What some people may not realize is the way you look is 80% about what you put into your body, and 20% what you do with your body.  Therefore, it’s mostly about eating right, right?  My husband has started training for his next body-building competition, which has prompted me to start eating right again too–not to mention that Gabe has some horrendous eating habits right now that I’m trying to change {ie. begging for Ramen every night, much to my dismay!}  Yesterday I tried this recipe for Sweet Potato & Kale Quinoa, and it was pretty delish!  Not like in a cupcake from Cake & All Things Yummy kinda way, but in a This is really healthy and nourishing your body kinda way.

Speaking of that cupcake, from “Yum Yums” as my friends and I call it…I had my last cupcake for a while on Friday.  I decided to take a half day off as a “Me Day”–went and got the cupcake, shopped, watched Glee & ate cupcake, took a nap… quite a splendid time.  The cupcake was, in a word, awesome–but also awesomely unhealthy.  I’m hoping that glorious “All A-flutter with Peanut Butter” holds me over for a few months.  Lately I’ve been craving sugar, so I’m trying to break the vicious cycle of sugar addiction.

Pics of said cupcake–just because they, and the shop itself, are beautiful.  And I have to memorialize the last cupcake for awhile 😉

*Disclaimer–eating stuff like this does not lead to looking like pics above.  Eat sparingly!

Pretty sure I’ve been typing for over an hour, but hey this is important stuff to me, and also my Sharpen the Saw (aka Me) time.  Pretty sure I just linked my 20th link in here.  Yep, time to go.  Here’s Gabe and his new cut + reading with Daddy 🙂  Have a wonderful week!  We’re already thru Hump Day!

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5 Responses to Beach Body {No more cupcakes!}

  1. What kind of yoga are going? Do you have a DVD that you use? I was doing Yoga for Athletes but they take so long and I never want to do it because I don’t have time for it.

    • Hey girl, I just go to the yoga classes at the Y, once a week for an hour. Sometimes I try to practice on my own but I only remember certain poses, and always seem to forget the others. But I really like how I feel, and the increased flexibility and strength is great too 🙂

      • I know! I took last week as a rehab week because I was worried about overuse injuries. I couldn’t believe how just a few stretches here and there made such a difference in my overall alignment. I wasn’t doing yoga but I want to. I think I should get one of those Morning Flow routines. They’re supposed to be shorter and I’ve even seen some on youtube.

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