10 Reasons Why Today was Really {to the 3rd Power} Great!

I made this list on Sunday, which was a really, really, really great day–hence, the 3rd power–cuz I’m nerdy like that 😉  It’s not often days like this come along, so I wanted to share some things that made me incredibly happy/content/thankful!

1. Sleeping in.  Thanks to Daylight Savings time last weekend, Gabe is still not adjusted (and neither are we) so instead of him waking up from 6:30 to 7:30ish, we got to sleep in til 8:30ish.  Glorious!

2. No Tantrums.  I’ve complained of the Terrible 2’s being pretty darn terrible lately, but Sunday, Gabe was downright angelic.


3.  Delicious Breakfast.  After all that rest, I took the extra time and effort to cut up veggies and saute them to make a nice healthy breakfast of egg whites, veggies, and some cheese.  Delish!

4.  Snuggles.  Gabe and I snuggled and watched some Elmo and Mickey Mouse (thank God for the reprieve from Elmo!)


5.  Exercise.  After my breakfast digested, I went on a fast-paced 4 mile run–just to prove to myself I still got it.  Judging by my 7 min/mi pace at the end… yup, it’s still there 😉

72451_801524780870_1692639897_n6.  Nappy time.  After a stretch and some lunch, I got this song stuck in my head “Sky rockets in flight…” 😉

7.  More great food & drink.  I had a nice healthy lunch, complete with my favorite beer that Javi and I found at Total Wine!

575975_801524855720_1154463116_n8.  Coloring.  I made a homemade card for our neighbor’s son’s bday party.  They said not to bring anything, but I had to at least bring a card!

35006_801524900630_908355209_n9.  The birthday party.  We got to know our new neighbors, Gabe made a new friend with the neighbors’ son, great food & great conversation–very fun the whole way around!

10.  Nom-noms.  And of course, what party is complete without cake?!  I kicked off my first 12 day Challenge as a Beachbody Coach on Monday, so this was my last little cheat 😉  Yeah, yeah, I know I said no more cupcakes, but sometimes you just have to.  Yum!!


Hope you’re week is going really well!

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