Mom & Dad Getaway to NYC: Day 1

Several weeks ago, Javi and I had our first real “mom & dad” getaway. I say real because we had a one night getaway to Niagara Falls when Gabe was 7 months, but it wasn’t exactly a vacation since I had to pump milk for Gabe (he was weaned shortly thereafter–go figure!) Anyways, we chose The Big Apple because we have talked for years about going to see a Broadway show together. My parents agreed to come down over Easter weekend to watch G-man, so the plans were in the works months ago!

We decided to go for 3 full days so that we could minimize our hotel spend (only 2 nights) but maximize our time there. We got 50% off using a military discount at The Algonquin Hotel, which was a really great deal!


Just a block from Times Square and right near the action! No free breakfast but was right next door to an excellent diner, The Red Flame. Javi and I both caught a cold on the way there (perhaps it was the 4 AM wake up) so we were both not at our best tourist condition the whole trip. We made the best of it though–lots and lots of blowing our noses 😛

After an expensive taxi ride from LGA (we flew non stop from Greensboro) we had a nice breakfast round 2 at Le Pain Quotidien. A chain restaurant but good food nonetheless.  We walked the rest of the way to the hotel and dropped our bags off. We then took the #5 down to World Trade Center to see the progress of the new buildings and also the 9-11 memorial.  We walked around the block to see St. Paul’s Chapel, which miraculously was not damaged during the attack on 9-11.

We stopped for coffee at Starbucks after looking at the new construction, the headed to the memorial, where we found, to much chagrin, there was a Huge line. I’m talking memories-of-waiting-to-get-into-the-Vatican type line. With us both being impatient, we decided to skip it. Hopefully another time!

It was nearing lunch time, so we took a nice long walk from there over to Brooklyn via the Brooklyn Bridge of course. Great views of the city and a very nice day to walk, just a little wind. Took a few pics along the way, naturally:

We figured out how to get over to Grimaldi’s and lo and behold–another huge line! It was well after lunch time, so we were starved. We decided to take a chance on the place next door, Juliana’s, where there was no line but the promise of NY style pizza as well. Come to find out, they both had the same founder (so basically it was the same thing, right?) We got seated right away, despite a packed house, and the pizza was slightly delayed but very well worth it!

We split a small white pizza with red peppers, onions, and pepperoni. Soooo good–I was not disappointed in the least that we ate at Juliana’s and not Grimaldi’s! I managed to savor 2 big slices, and Javi had 4!

We hopped on the Metro back to 42nd St/Times Square, checked in to the hotel, and took a glorious nap! I had requested some extra, fluffy pillows and the Algonquin did not disappoint. Unfortunately the rest of day 1 for me was feeling sick, so after dinner at the Red Flame, we called it a night (we had checked on some shows and they were sold out–silly me for not buying in advance!). Still had a fun day one in NYC, but day 2 was the real excitement, since I had gotten us some great seats to see Wicked! Note to self for next time: get tix ahead of time and see multiple shows. We wish we could have seen Matilda or Avenue Q, but they were sold out the night of.  Stay tuned for Day 2!

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