Day 3 {Adios NYC & Hello Gabe!}

Our third day in NYC, I didn’t have anything planned (if you missed ’em, Day 1 and Day 2).  Just a leisurely morning, and getting back to Gabe.  Our go-to spot, the Red Flame, was packed, so we had a French breakfast at the nearby Cafe.  We also spotted our one and only celebrity of the trip there: Sticky Fingaz.  LOL!  We didn’t interrupt him to ask for an autograph.

One thing I had always wanted to do was explore Grand Central Terminal a little more–as a cadet at West Point, I was in and out of there a lot, but never had a chance to stop and appreciate it.  It brought me back to 2003-07, which seems like long ago and yesterday at the same time.  When I saw the Hudson lines going to Poughkeepsie, it evoked a strange, faraway feeling… almost as if I was a cadet at West Point again, and had just made a huge circle around the world, to Germany, Iraq, back to Germany, Georgia, North Carolina, and now back at GTC all over again.  It’s hard to describe–am I the only one who’s felt like this?  Sort of weird, ironic, retrospective… enough to make a new category on here, called “back to where I was.”

We did the GTC sight-seeing, and grabbed lunch downstairs, before catching a ride on the airport shuttle back to LaGuardia (way more economical that a taxi, BTW.  Wish we would have known on our way in!)  Flight got delayed–what else is new–so it was nearly 8 PM when we got home.  It was a glorious trip, yet always so nice to return home.

Here’s what we missed while Mima and Papa watched Gabe 🙂  Oh, it was wonderful to hug and kiss my lil guy once again!  Big thanks to my incredibly awesome parents for watching him for 3 days!

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