Energy BOOST + “Know Your role?”

I’ve had these 2 ideas floating around in my head tonight.  They began as I got frustrated with Gabe for not listening, then spilling his cereal on purpose, then dilly-dallying before his bath, then for crying about being without his shirt {it’s bathtime for God’s sake, you have to take it off!!!}  All you parents can probably relate if you have/had a 2-year-old.  The kid is just an energy-sucker sometime.  Which made me think of this funny–yet all too TRUE–post on Pinterest:

Source: via Bethany on Pinterest

After the bedtime ritual (and the subsequent poop that is becoming the norm for Gabe every other night…after I get him clean and put him down to bed…. ugh), I did 2 rare things for me.  No, make that 3.  I put away my own clothes, then Javi’s clothes (and no, we don’t have company coming over, lol) THEN I actually prepped my own lunch.  Why are these rare?  I usually just don’t feel like it.  I’ve been at work all day, I’ve worked out, I’ve driven almost 45 min to and from daycare and work, I’ve taken care of Gabe and all his needs, and I’m just pooped, you know?!  So what made today different?  Good question.  Several things.  Today, Javi asked me how he can make deposits into my emotional bank account–which means nothing to you unless you’ve read/listened to the 7 Habits.  Just him asking me was a deposit–it meant a lot to me.  You know how a nagging spouse can bring you down?  He did the opposite.  He was asking how he can help bring me UP.  And it felt good 🙂

The other topic, that ties into this one, stemmed from a Coach call last week about, again, the 7 Habits–this time knowing the roles in your life and which ones you want to focus on.  The speaker did an awesome job of breaking it down, so I’ll attempt to do it for you.

1.  List all the roles you are in your life (parent, spouse, child, sibling, friend, employee, housekeeper, blogger, cyclist, runner, etc, ETC)  I also thought of this, lolz:


2.  Now choose the SIX that are most important to you.  Covey says choose 5-7, but this particular Beachbody coach said just go with 6, and I agree with her.

3.  The 6 you choose are the ones you are going to focus on.  That doesn’t mean the others aren’t important, and you don’t have to rank the 6 that you choose.  But realize that you can, and WILL, be truly effective in your life if you devote your energy to your most important roles, and let everything else go (or do as time permits).  WOW was that a wake-up call to me.  Here I am trying to be wife/mom/employee/friend/daughter/coach/blogger/website manager/photographer/cook/runner/housekeeper/ETC!  I just can’t keep up with all that, or be GOOD at all that.  So I let some of it go.  I chose (in no particular order): wife/mom/employee/coach/blogger-and-keeper-of-memories/athlete.  Now of course some of those contain multiple things, which the speaker cautioned against.  But I think it’s OK that athlete can mean doing running, weight-lifting, now Insanity, sometimes swimming and yoga.  And it’s OK that “mom” includes housekeeper, cook, giver of hugs & kisses (& sometimes spankings).  So I know where I need to focus, and it’s almost liberating knowing that I don’t have to focus on ALL the other stuff.

Thus, with my new roles established in my mind (and written down, that’s important too!) I can do the things that will help me be successful.  For instance, putting away clothes helps me be an effective wife & mom.  Prepping my lunch helps me be an effective employee, coach, and athlete.  It all ties together, and it’s all falling into place.  I had to give up something I love (photography–which I’ll still do a little, but it won’t be a main focus) but now I’m freed up to do much more with my other joys too 🙂

For several weeks now, I haven’t blogged simply because I’m tired or felt it wasn’t as important as other things, but I know now that it is very important to me, because it made the cut for my 6 roles.  One last little tidbit–and next time I’ll share more–I feel great because this balancing act called life is like Goldilocks: not too much, not too little, but just right.  Everything affects everything else: sleep, nutrition, exercise, attitude… and it’s all diverging in on the sweet spot, giving me some very amazing results.  I got up at 5 AM today (with Javi!) and we started Insanity.  We are both drinking Shakeology now and feeling energetic and sharp–I love that he is joining me in this fitness & nutrition journey.  I am so excited to see where we end up in the next few months, and SO thankful once again that we’ve ended up here!

Here’s some of Gabe to end with!  Have a wonderful week 🙂  And message/comment anytime, I love to hear from all of you!

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