5 Thoughts + 10 Pics {Short ‘n’ Sweet}

Hey there… a quick post for tonight.  5 random thoughts off the top of my head.  Ready, go!

1.  Gabe is growing.  And growing fast.  Lots of neighbors and friends have commented lately how big he’s getting.  And he’s finally eating more, which is great!  I used to worry since he was SO darn picky and eats like a bird, but not anymore.  Tonight–eating Cheerios, noodles, Lunchable from friend Amy, peanut butter and crackers, and mini wheats.  Wow!

2.  Gabe is also talking SO well.  Either the daycare or we have taught him real good 😉  The other day, as I’m drinking coffee, he says, “I don’t like coffee Mommy.  It’s for adults.”  His use of pronouns, and verbs in the correct tense, astounds me.  And his little memory.  Days after they have gone, he’s still asking about Miss Izzy & Miss Amy.  Adorable. BTW, having friends visit is so wonderful–love all the amazing girlfriends I have!

3.  Insanity rocks.  And it’s really tiring.  And I tweaked my back carrying the cats to the vet today, and Gabe around, so tomorrow’s workout is gonna hurt.  But I don’t care.  Shaun T. makes it fun, and I love it!  I love it even more that Javi is doing it with me!

4.  We are sicky.  Not bad… well, Javi hasn’t been good all week.  My theory is waking up for Insanity lowered our immune systems.  Not fun.  Mine is mostly allergy symptoms, but it still sucks to have the sniffles for days and days.  Must go buy more nasal spray tomorrow!

5.  I am thrilled about my Beachbody coaching.  I’m doing my 3rd 12 day challenge right now, and it’s so much fun.  It feels great to motivate others, and they in turn motivate me.  It’s just incredible, and I’m surrounded by a wonderful team who are all so sweet, supportive, and like-minded in our nutrition and fitness!  I’m so thankful that I had the courage to go for it, even though I was unsure how it would turn out.  It’s so true that you can either have faith or have doubts, and you’ll get a lot more if you choose FAITH!

That’s my quick update/brain-dump 😀

Have a wonderful night!!  P.S.  I usually Photoshop, but too tired tonight.  These are SOOC–straight outta camera.

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