A trip to PA for Memorial Day {Photo-blog}

Last weekend we headed back to T-Vegas for Memorial Day.  I wanted to see the grandparents while they are still around, and figured this would be the best time to do it this year besides Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I took Friday off, and we set out for the ~500 mile journey before 8 AM (J & I had to get our Insanity in first!)  Traffic wasn’t bad, Gabe wasn’t bad… we got home at 4:30.  Gabe immediately fell back in love with his grandparents, especially Papa.  He was Papa’s boy all weekend:

One of the best parts of going back to my parents’ home is the usual man-this-smells-and-feels-just-like-home with a little dose of oh-look-that’s-changed.  One thing that never changes is Momma’s cooking.  She treated us good all weekend.  (and J & I were both up two lbs when we got home!)  I caught up with my brother Joel, and we went to see Iron Man 3, grabbing my first Tim Horton’s coffee on the way.  “Everyday Love” moments:

On Saturday morning, Gabe & I ventured out in the cold (45* in May?? What is this weather?!) to check out Mima’s flowers.  They were GORGEOUS.  She gave me some to plant at home… yeah half of them are dead!

Later that morning, we went to get some farm fresh eggs from some boys that go to Mom’s school.  It was Gabe’s first time on a farm, seeing chickens & cows firsthand.  He was keen on the chickens (“Gallina” is a word he knows from Are you my mother?)  The cows scared him but he looked anyway.  But the real excitement was the tractor, trailer, and Bobcat–not the animals!

The next day was a picnic up at my grandpa’s house for my mom’s side of the fam.  We had lots of good eats, celebrating birthdays (with gag gifts too!) and good conversation.

After we ate & played Bocce for awhile, some of us took a walk over to the orchard that my mom started as a tribute to my late Grandma.  It was a really nice area, and I was happy to finally see it!

And finally, Monday came all too quickly.  We traveled down to Pittsburgh to see my other grandparents, and saw Uncle Mark & Aunt Carol for lunch too.  Always nice to see my family.  SO thankful for the family I have.  And we made it back safe & sound that night.  Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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