Summer {Party} Planning

We are planning our own neighborhood 4th of July party! It’s been about a year in the works 😉
I’m pumped for it!!! So pumped that I made these cute invites! LOL Only a few weeks away!  We are headed to the beach in NC for a few days, and we’ll be back in time to prep some delish treats for the party!  Gabe is gonna be psyched to see all the neighbor kids out playing 😉  He will talk about them for days afterwards: Where did Tony go?  Tony had to go home?  And I’m excited to meet some new neighbors and share my Beachbody & Shakeology story with them if it comes up–you never know whose life you might change.  My neighbor Natalie says I inspired her… that made my entire year right there!  She’s now rocking her P90X and has a bod that does not look like a mom of 2’s body!  That’s my ramble for the night, and I’m sticking to it!  G’night!

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