The Beeeeeach {photo blog}

I am way behind, but last month we went to the “Beeeeeeach” as Gabe says it.  Because of a sudden death in the family {rest in peace, Uncle Paul. You are sorely missed} my parents were not able to come.  And despite the sadness overshadowing our trip, we did our best to put on a good face.  It was Gabe’s 2nd trip to the beach, the first being a trip to South Beach for our first anniversary, in 2011 (which I just realized I never blogged about… bummer!):

Gabe has definitely changed!  Check out this year’s pics of our Atlantic Beach vacay (I went to Emerald Isle in 2001…this was right down the beach!)

I can’t say we had an absolute blast (weather, sadness, missing the grandparents, Gabe waking up sooooo early) but it was definitely a nice break from the usual.  There’s something so soothing about the beach.  So soothing that I did not work out at all for 2 days, save for walking and little bit of swimming.  Sorry, Insanity.

We had a fun little condo & a great view!

The first full day we were there it rained… a lot.  So we went to the aquarium in the morning.  Gabe liked the sting ray pool… even tasting his fingers afterwards (yuck!!)  We watched the sharks in the big tank, with replica U-boat from WWII in it (cool!), and Gabe didn’t want to leave.

It was still raining that afternoon, so we got Gabe a bubble-maker.  Thank God for that 🙂

I found a good book “Under the Banner of Heaven”, by Jon Krakauer, and finally got time to just chill & read on the beach while these two played in the water.  These are some of my fave shots of them ❤

Overall a good trip.  Hoping to have a few more adults to help with the energetic lil toddler next year!  And when we got back, it was the 4th of July, then P-day. So I’m not fully caught up, but this trip was worth mentioning for sure!
Hope you’re having a great Sunday!  What’s your fave “Beeeeach” to go to?

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