Slowing Down & Giving Thanks

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been tired (well, prego), and thus, I’ve slowed down quite a bit.  Which is nice.  REALLY nice, in fact.  I don’t feel like I have to fill each minute of every day with something… be it Facebook, Instagram, planning, texting, emailing, cooking, working out, just… being productive.  I am happy to take this time to “stop & smell the roses” aka watch Gabe grow up, truly listen to him and engage with him and Javi, and figure out what is important to me and what I want to do.  And while I don’t have any earth-shattering conclusions, I do know that I am one very blessed wife & momma, and today, Christmas Day, I am so very thankful for the multitude of blessings that is my life right now.  Healthy, happy family.  Friends & family who are so very thoughtful and kind.  A growing baby in my belly (oh yeah, and some great food too… like my Christmas dinner BLT! Lol)  Gabriel hugs (we are on #101 today).  Enough money to pay off debts and live comfortably. Etc, etc.

So, as I catch up big time on blogging tonight, here’s a little about our Thanksgiving, nearly 1 month ago:

We drove up to my grandparents in Pittsburgh after 3/4 day’s work on the Wed. prior.  The weather, naturally, was predicted to be terrible-awful-undriveable… all the crappy things they say when it’s gonna be a real $h!tstorm.  As luck would have it, we just encountered a touch of snow in WV (by a touch, I mean white-out conditions a few times), but thankfully we neither slid nor got slowed down, so we actually got there in great time–thanks Javi!  (I only wish I hadn’t listened aka worried about all the bad weather hype!)  Zero accidents with Gabe (yay!) and no complaints from him either, thanks to Mickey and Thomas shows on my iPad.  We got in before the g-rents went to bed.  My grandparents, bless their hearts, like their house warm roasting, so we spent a lovely night with the window wide open, tossing and turning in the seemingly 90* air.  Oh yeah, and Grandma swears up & down the beds are all Queen size, but trust me–they’re not.  Every time I rolled over, I nearly fell off the bed! And we got up at 6 AM to use the bathroom… and never went back to sleep.  Definitely made the top 10 worst night’s sleep in the past few years but… could have been worse! 

We go down stairs to shower, and the g-rents are already up, prepping the stuffing and turkey.  After finding out Grandma’s “secret” recipe was not a secret (*gasp!* it’s in the family cookbook?!), and Javi helping get the turkey in the oven, I was not only parched but ravenous too.  We helped make breakfast, then chatted the rest of the morning as we waited for other family members to arrive.  Gabe & I ended up taking an amazing nap together, and by the time we got up, everyone was there and the pre-Thanksgiving snacks were in full force on the table–thanks Aunt Carol for those ah-mazing deviled eggs… I must’ve had at least 7!  Various convos and catching up (and snacking!) ensued, PLUS the 1st annual Cupcake Competition–complete with unbiased judges 😉  Congrats Aunt Debbie, your chocolate on chocolate cupcakes were indeed delish!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite moments of the whole year–time to share a wonderful meal with the people who are most important.  Just so grateful for the time together… especially since we never know when it’ll be our last year all together.  We lost Uncle Paul in June this year, completely out of the blue, and it was definitely strange… and sad… not to have everyone there.  Like a big gaping hole.  But, in the strange yet miraculous circle of life, my friend Caroline gave birth to her beautiful daughter Mary on Uncle Paul’s birthday.  I thought that was a sweet sign from the Lord.

The rest of the weekend went fast… Javi & I traveled to Ontario to open a Canadian bank account, then braved the mall for a little Black Friday shopping (in which I got WAY more maternity clothes than necessary… and some black knee high boots!).  Saturday morning we took Gabe outside to go sled-riding… what a blast!

I did some practicing on my nature pics too… then warmed up with hot choco 🙂

We had a post-T-giving get together with the other side of the fam on Sat, where we met my cousin’s new baby, Lily:

And we capped off an awesome weekend with a little more sled-riding with the Big Boy & a few pics with the parentals 🙂  Happy Thanksgiving!

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