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Fun: Let’s have some

I’ve covered a variety of random topics, and gone on and on about sleep, my baby, running, eating, etc.  So tonight I just want to talk about Fun.  Not the band (although the lyrics are pretty great: “Toniiiiiiight, we are … Continue reading

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Feelin’ Groovy–An Ode to Running & Craftiness

A month ago today, I had a little incident at work.  I passed out randomly and suddenly.  And in the last month, after seeing the doc about 4 times, we’ve discovered…. nothing.  Not one clue to what could have caused … Continue reading

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The Stars Aligned

This week I was thinking about how we got here (in NC, not on earth).  I happened to go to a hiring conference in Dec… because I happened to get an email from the company hosting the conference, 2 years … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Gabriel!

My little guy turned one yesterday. Hard to believe how much he’s grown in the span of a year. As a newborn, he seemed so tiny and helpless (although an 8 lb baby seems quite large when you’re giving birth!) … Continue reading

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Half a Year & Making Baby Food

My lil guy is growing so fast! 9 days ago, he was half a year old. It seems like every day he takes up more space in his crib, tries more new things, and makes us laugh again and again. … Continue reading

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