The Playground

So up until now, I’ve been really nervous to let Gabe play on the playground by himself. I mean, there’s tons of spots where he could fall and break his arm right? Of course I don’t want that to happen! Luckily, one of the benefits of daycare is that he can play on a playground (supervised) every day.  He’s gotten really good.  When we went to the Honeybee Festival (was that 2 weeks ago now?  Oy I’m behind! That blog is yet to come.) he made a beeline (yep, pun intended) for the slide.  And commenced adorable playground antics, of which I don’t even need to photoshop AND I didn’t even need to spot him.  He’s that steady, and knows he’s gotta go feet-first down the slide (at least for now!)  I’m soooo thankful that he can play and I can actually stand by and just watch–er, take pics–without worrying about him getting hurt the whole time.  I’m not the only protective parent, right? I certainly don’t want to be OVER protective, but I also don’t want him breaking a limb either… hopefully I’m at a nice balance.

So we walked around… and ended up right back at the playground, this time with friend Amy & son Brayden 🙂  I love how cute Gabe & Brayden were as they played together!  They are over a year apart, but I can see them being awesome buddies as they grow up together.

More about the Honeybee Festival at a later date… this mom is tired!  Oh if you missed my Throwback Thursday blog on Norway or my weekend Trifecta at Blowing Rock, definitely check ’em out!

TGIF Tomorrow 🙂

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