Blowing Rock & Tweetsie Railroad

This is an overdue post from Labor Day weekend.  I wrote about it on my Eat, Run, Travel blog (at least the Tweetsie Railroad part), but I figured I’d share it here with you too.

First–Gabe absolutely loved Tweetsie Railroad.  It’s kinda like Disney World meets the Wild West meets a small town.  Really fun atmosphere.  For the whole family.  Really 🙂

All day long, Gabe talked about the “Choo choo” which sounds like “shoo shoo” when he says it.  And he still, weeks later, talks about Tweetsie “Wailwoad” lol.  He had a blast driving the cars and flying the planes too!

Besides riding the train (twice), Gabe’s favorite part was the train table at the gift shop.  We have one of these at home (go figure!) but this one was especially tantalizing for some reason. He didn’t want to leave.  Javi & I wanted to ride the “horses” but Gabe wasn’t a fan until the next train rode by.

The next day, we headed over to the actual Blowing Rock, seen here:

IMG_5814_1Apparently, when it rains or snows and the wind is blowing, it makes the rain or snow go back upwards.  Or something like that 😉  We didn’t get to see any of that, since it was gorgeous and sunny!

Took the opportunity to annoy Javi & Gabe take some family pics:

We played around, enjoyed the gift shop, then spent time in downtown Blowing Rock.

…and our last stop was downtown Boone, to the Mast General Store, to be specific.  It’s such a fun place!  We bought some gummies, chocolate covered peanuts, and an old-fashioned soda for Javi.

Gabe wasn’t feeling well at this point (I forgot to mention that he slept terrible–awakening every hour, talking about the Choo-choo).  He fell asleep on Javi, and after a short stop at the cafe across the street for some iced coffee (for the tired mom who had to listen to an excited toddler all night)… we headed home!

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