Big Boy Bike

So lately Gabe’s been eye-balling the neighbor kids’ bikes.  All of them.  It’s as if the tricycle we got not so long ago for his b-day (7 months if we want to be exact) is just not cool to him anymore.  He really didn’t grow out of it yet.  But, we let him test-drive a few bikes at Wal-Mart, 12 inch cute little boy bikes, and he was hooked.  Gabe begged to go back to Wal-Mart.  So like any parent who hates going to Wal-Mart, we just went ahead a got him the bike, because we just couldn’t wait 4 months til Christmas.

Here it is.  G-man adores it!

Lately, Gabe’s been all about Mickey Mouse clubhouse.  Now he’s all about the new bike.  We rode it in the rain on Saturday after we brought it home.

Gabe had a little crash (yes, reminiscent of my crash a year ago), so he took it easy on Sunday.  We did a little riding, then some bubble fun, then he wanted to line up all kinds of stuff by the mailbox.  Kids are so weird 😉

Last night we went out to ride in the cul-de-sac (because I have to ride my bike with him), and Gabe said the cutest things, like:

IMG_5499 copy

Gabe also sang this cute little song “I’m super faster, I’m super faster!”  Adorable.  I love when my boy is happy, when we play outside together, and watching him grow.  Amazing & inspiring.  Have a great week, friends!


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